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The St. Francis College Psi Chi Chapter 

It's Nice of You to Visit Us!

The purpose of this site is to introduce members and visitors to our chapter - who we are, what is our mission, our events and importantly, to offer updated information on those events to members. You will also find information on the Psychology Club here since we work closely with it. There is a host of other things to be found here as well (check out our contents) and we offer links to important psychology-related websites as well. So come on in, browse around and we hope you enjoy the visit.

As an active Psi Chi Chapter, it is vital to have the support of our members and available information for students wishing to become members.  To increase support, awareness must be increased, and this is done so through different modes.  Directly outside of the college’s Psychology Department office is a Psi Chi bulletin board where students may find updated information.  We also hold meetings (with refreshments!) to discuss Psi Chi issues, posters and flyers are also placed throughout the college, we have a personalized e-mail address where anyone may e-mail us and a response will be prompt. And to even better communicate with students, in Fall 2003 the chapter launched this website. Students/members are encouraged to make the best use of all these options to keep up-to-date.

What is Psi Chi?

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society for Psychology founded in 1929 at Yale University. The mission of our chapter is no different from that of the Society itself. Their mission is "...encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology." We identify with that.

The name "Psi Chi" has its origins in the Greek language - "Psyche" meaning "mind" suggesting the scholarship and enrichment of the mind. "Cheires" meaning "hands" suggesting fellowship and research. Together, they come to form Psi Chi and the basis and mission of the Society and its chapters.

Once inducted, membership is for life.


The Chapter at St. Francis College

Our chapter was chartered on May 28th 1976 (yes, it has been 27 years) and in that time we have inducted 337 members. Our advisor is Steven Anolik, Ph.D. and we are assisted by four additional psychology professors -  Drs. Gielen, Goodstein, Hirsch and Lancaster. They are wonderful, amazing, spectacular, fantastic (thesaurus anyone?). Honestly, they are  not only helpful but willing to be so and we cannot thank them enough.

The officers for the 2004-2005 academic year are:

President - Kameka Green

Vice President - Jeremy de Freitas

Secretary - Kimberly Nicoli

Treasurer - Michelle Nurse

Each semester we undertake a variety of fundraising (a social time too) and community oriented events:

  • Our major fundraising is in the form of monthly bake sales which are themed, and raffles. 
  • Our community oriented events take place in the form of food drives (especially for Thanksgiving), toy drives (for children in foster homes), donations to organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF, March of Dimes etc.

Two inductions are held annually, in the Fall and Spring semesters. We induct an average of about 25-30 new members each year.

We also attend the annual Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) Convention held every year. Last year (2003) it was held in Baltimore, Maryland. Three of our members and Dr. Lancaster presented posters and one of the members won an award for Outstanding Research for her presentation on "Physically Unattainable Models In the Print Media," and "Physical Appearance Discrimination on Self-Esteem and Body Image."


Contact Information

Psi Chi is housed in the Psychology Department in Room 606S (Dr. Anolik's office). There are a variety of ways in which you may contact us. E-mail being the best and fastest way. You may also leave a voice message at the number below and a mailbox has been set up in the office, where you may leave notes and the like. Please include your personal contact information so that we may get back to you. The mailbox and e-mail is checked daily.

Postal address:
St. Francis College (Psychology) 
180 Remsen St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
General Information: psichisfc@yahoo.com
Webmaster: ATTN: Orainepsichisfc@yahoo.com


Send mail to psichisfc@yahoo.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: March 06, 2005